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Fiesta Mayor – Festa Major 2014

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Start Date: August 19, 2014
End Date: August 26, 2014
Time: 2:00 pm to 2:00 am


Location: Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

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Past/Future Festa Major
(fiesta major,festa mayor)

Yearly week+ festival

“Festa Major de Sitges”. Sitges’ main Annual Fiesta in Honour of “Sant Bartomeu”,

The Town’s Patron Saint. There is an amazing fireworks display on the 23rd, centered around Sitges Church. Watched by many along the beach and also on the water, via a troupe of boats. wide range of events and festivals celebrating the Catalan Culture. With:

– Impressive human castles/pyramids (castellers ) Often 6 people high wit a small child at the top

– Giants, capgrossos (carnival figures with big papier-mâché heads)

in the center and all over Sitges town (shopping area/square).

Along with fire-breathing beasts and ancient dances like the diables (devils), bastons (stick dance), gitanes (gypsies), cercolets or moixiganga, among others.

With numerous processions around the town’s streets, a spectacular fireworks display, solemn mass, processions, open-air dancing and sardanes (traditional Catalan dance).


Possible modifications Friday subject to the intensity of rainfall

– 18.30hrs / 6.30pm Moors Giants, from front of the Palace of the Moorish King (Palau del Rei Moro , Carrer Bosch 08870 ‎Sitges) POSSIBLY MOVES TO headquarters of the Association of dances (l’Agrupació de Balls Populars 10 Carrer Bosch) nearby

– 19:00​​hrs / 7pm Giants Villa, the Giants Americanos, the Dragon and the Eagle could be cancelled

– 20:00hrs / 8pm Castellers (Human Pyramids) POSSIBLY MOVES TO Pavelló de Pins Vens (Pins Sports Hall)

– 22:30hrs / 10.30pm Delivery / Parade of the flag, around Sitges streets, may be cancelled (allong with associated events)

– 23:00hrs / 11.00pm Outdoor cinema Hort Can Falç Moved inside Cinema Prado : in case of rain

(subject to change)

Sitges Festival 2014 Program  From 19 to 26 August 2014

Official Program 2014 Sitges Festival (Festival Poster is unveiled)

Declared Traditional Festival of National Interest by the Generalitat of Catalonia


Presentation of the program of Festival of Santa Tecla Sitges 2014 and 2014.


  • 19: 30h. “Satirical Cry”  “Proclamation satirical” the Moorish King’s Palace. by Jorge Cubillos and presentation heiress and successor of the ABPS.
  • 20: 30h. Inauguration of The Barracks (cabins) in La Fragata
  • 22: 30h. Proclamation of the festival in sitges town hall square by the preacher of the 2014 Festival: Cisco Arbonés Heredia
    The proclamation will be read in Catalan Sign Language. In case of rain or bad weather, the proclamation made in the parish church.
  • 23:30 Concert ‘Owls’ in the frigate (Sitges main Church),
  • 00:00 Group DJ’s


  • 19:00 Opening of the Frigate (below Sitges main Church)
  • 19:30 Giants in the area of Frigate (below Sitges main Church) (Paseo/Main Street)
  • 19:30 Circus Show with “Voli Voli qui” to Frigate (below Sitges main Church)
  • 19: 30h. Palacio del Rey Moro: talk on “Major Festivals’
  • 20: 30h. Appointing ‘David Jou’ and ‘Andreu’ as favorite son’s of Sitges. City Hall
  • 21: 00h. “Popular Supper”, Dinner at La Fragata, advance sale tickets to the participating entities.
  • 21:30 Festival Tournament Municipal Golf Aiguadolç
  • 23: 00h. Concert Papagayo, the Cabrians and Sybarites in La Fragata (below Sitges main Church)


  • 18: 30h. Opening of the ‘exhibition of the image of St. Bartholomew’
  • 21: 00h. Beatles style Concert (The Els Pets Carrau). In the gardens of the Retiro.
    10€ early entry (in El Retiro, El Cable, Jânio s Bar, Ateneo Popular Books Malvasia, Fina and Skin Perbacco) and
    15 € at the door entrance.
  • 22: 00h. Party with Dj ‘s and culminates night with DJ Kimberly & Clark to dance until dawn (below Sitges main Church)


  • 11.00-14.00h then 18.00 and 00h: 00h Ceremony ‘Bandera Exposició’ Image of St. Bartholomew Street Marist Brothers, 11,
  • 13: 00h Vermouth (the drink) Major Festival at ‘Ateneo Popular de Silos’
  • 18: 30h. Moors Giant’s Palace of the Moorish King (Palau del Rei Moro , Carrer Bosch 08870 ‎Sitges)
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  • 18: 30h American Giants, The Dragon and the Eagle (Escorxador 
  • 20: 00h Colla Jove Castellars Sitges  (Human Pyramids) at ‘The Palacio del Moro’, open to all Presentation by Pubilla colla Jovey. Water Melon for everyone.
  • 20: 00h Festival Golf  Tournament – Municipal Aigudolç
  • 22: 30h. Delivery of the Flag
    San Bartolome, recital of poems and songs of the Joys of St. Bartholomew. Then, accompanied by the musical group ‘Sitgetan Suburb’ and ‘Retiro Parade’ for president of the Commission, ‘Aroa Llorens’
    ROUTE: Baluard, Plaça de l’Ajuntament, Carrer Major, Cap de la Vila, Sant Francesc, Passeig Vilafranca, Avda. de les Flors, Mestre Antoni Català i Plaça Bonaventura Julià.
  • 23: 00h. Outdoor cinema Hort Can Falç, Outdoor cinema with the screening of the film Pulp Fiction. Organized by Sitges Film Club (€6 Entrance) (more)
    • After Party at nightclub Ricky ‘s (The price of the ticket is €6)

      • Ticket allows free access to after Party at nightclub Ricky ‘s

      Cinema from 17: 30 h to 10: 30 p.m.  During Thurs,Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

    Hort Can Falc Sitges Central Park - Hort Can Falç - Orchard Gardens Can Sickle : Carreró de Can Falç, s/n 08870 Sitges "Sitges a la Fresca"

  • 23: 30h. F**k DJ & Destroy, Paseo de la Ribera
  • 00: 00h Watermelon for all Square House pendonista Julia Bonaventura 16,
  • 00: 00h. Pipers concert ‘Tuterako Gateroak’,
    Tudela Square Bon aventura Julian


  • 11-14: 00h and 18: 00h Civic Procession Exhibition with the image of St. Bartholomew (Marist Brothers Street, 11,)
  • 12: 00h. Input Grallers
    The various formations played their inaugural offering in honour of the founders of the Festival of Sitges . (San Francisco Street)
    Cap de la Vila, Major and Town Hall Square.
  • 14: 00h 21 morteretes and ringing of bells,
    Playa La Fragata, by ‘Cobla Sitgetan’
  • 14: 00h. Sardanas At Cap de la Vila Traditional Dance
    Procession of St. Bartholomew, and ‘Catalan Antoni Vidal’, and ‘The Festival of Viura and Enric Morera’.
  • 14: 00h. Dances
    From leaving the Town Hall Square: Giants heads, Dragon, Eagle, Devils, Canes, Cercolets, Tambourines, Shepherds, Ribbons, Gypsy and Moixiganga, accompanied by the musical group ‘Suburband Retiro’. (Some groups perform at the nursing home ‘Las Magnolias’) Giants heads, Dragon, Eagle, Devils, Canes, Cercolets, Tambourines, Shepherds, Ribbons, Gypsy and Moixiganga
  • 18: 00h. Performance Castellera, La Colla Jove Castellars Sitges perform at the Cap de la Vila. Human Pyramids
  • 19: 00h. Civic procession called the “flag”
    Folk dances & musicians, tabernacle of St. Bartholomew ‘Mr. Isidro Baqués and Alari, pendonista’
    ROUTE: Plaça Bonaventura Julià, Mestre Antoni Català, Avda. de les Flors, Verge del Pilar, Camí dels Capellans, Camí de la Fita, Plaça Pérez Rosales, Olivella, Germans Maristes, Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer, plaça Hospital, Hospital, Doctor Joan Ramon Benaprès, Sant Lli, Àngel Guimerà, carretera de les Costes, Aragó, Sant Honorat, Isabel Julià, Rafel Llopart, Sant Damià, Sant Sebastià, Davallada, plaça Ajuntament i Baluard.Folk dances & musicians
  • 23: 00h. MASSIVE FIREWORK ALONG SITGES PROMENADE Paseo de la Ribera , along the frigate, main church and jetties.
    Pyrotechnics SA and artistic design by ‘Isidre Pañella’.
    Event organized in collaboration with the Yacht Club and Port Sitges Sitges – Aiguadolç. (
    5€ for Chair on the Paseo de la Ribera between Kansas restaurants and Pic Nic with cava. People with disabilities come for free.
    travel along Paseo de la Ribera, Sitges Promanade is imossible in evening of the event
    – midway up to see high fireworks from distance
    -one of the stone jetties, to see a reflection of fireworks and ones on the water
    – via a boat, one of many on the water during the event (
  • 23: 00h Verbena Sardanista (traditional dance) with cobla Sitgetan, Paseo de la Ribera.
  • 23: 45h ‘Down the stairs’ traditional dancing (from Monument to El Greco on Paseo de la Ribera, Sitges Promanade
  • 00: 00h Verbena Festival with Orchestra & DJ Virus Black Subur (Xavi Gázquez), Paseo de la Ribera
    sitges fiesta mayor concert

(Dia de Bartolome Apòstol Sat, Pattern Sitges)

  • 6: 00h. Cheerful and festive morning
    Folk dances & musicians parade through the streets of the town
    From the Bastion Miquel Utrillo and Morlius, hors d’oeuvres
    Following tradition, the Commission will award the ladies with fragrant flowers. Go dressed in white, with espadrilles betas and wear a girdle!
    ROUTE: Baluard, Fonollar, Baluard Vidal i Quadras, Port de n’Alegre, , Rafel Llopart, Sant Damià, Sant Sebastià, Jesús, Sant Bartomeu, Sant Gaudenci, Sant Josep, Espalter, Plaça Pou Vedre, Bassa Rodona, Joan Tarrida, Plaça Indústria, Marquès de Montroig, Parellades, Cap de la Vila, Major i Ajuntament.
  • 10: 30h. Solemn Office in the Parish Church of St. Bartholomew and Santa Tecla
    In honor of St. Bartholomew the Apostle, patron of the town of Sitges. Rector Josep Mn
  • 12: 00h approx apotheosis out of office, finished fi ce
    Musical parade with the Band to accompany authorities to City Hall. Then act at the same time, all their dances and musicians, along with the Sitgetan song and the musical group Suburband Retiro, draw one of the most magical moments of our festival.
    After the performance of dances and interludes, the band will play Els Reapers, the national anthem of Catalonia.
  • 13: 00h approx. Castellera Exhibition by the Colla Jove Castellers Sitges. Plaza Hall (Human Pyramids)
  • 14: 00h-Vermouth Concert within the Festival (the drink)
    In the gardens of El Retiro Recreational Society Sitges with the band Big Band, Music School El Retiro. In the gardens of the Casino Prado Suburense with hearing Cobla Maricel (tickets on site)
  • 19: 30h. Procession in honour of St. Bartholomew
    Popular dances, and musical group grallers Suburband El Retiro.
    Chaired by Josep breaks Mn, followed by representatives of the City and the flag carried by the San Bartolomé Isidro pendonista Baqués and Alari and cordonistes Isidro Baqués and Silvia Molina and Molina Baqués.
    ROUTE: Baluard, Fonollar, Racó de la Calma, Sant Joan, Davallada, Barcelona, Santiago Rusiol, Jesús, Sant Bartomeu, Sant Gaudenci, Sant Francesc, Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Bonaire, Passeig de la Ribera, Nou, Major, plaça de l’Ajuntament i Baluard.
    The passage of the procession through the Paseo de la Ribera, the patron of the village, the cobla Sitgetan interpret the sardanas, Giants Procession of Sitges and San Bartolomé, teachers and Membrado and Tomás Gil Antoni Vidal and Catalan respectively
  • 23: 30 approx arrivalof parade at St. Bartholomew in the Parish Church
    More dances and musicians surround the tabernacle, making the ultimate tribute to our Patron, while fireworks explode and bells ring during the more emotional. Then, inside the temple, closing prayer.
  • 23: approx . Final dance of the fire beasts and giant
    City Council, to dismiss the traditional acts of our festival.
  • 00: 20h approx Fin de Fiesta
    In Rey Moro Palace organized by the ABPS
  • 00:30 pm Grand Festival Ball on Paseo de la Ribera, with performances by orchestras, ‘The Band Puig’ and DJ ‘Dani Empa’.


  • 12: 30h. San Lino Vermouth Bar La Guineu, enlivened with a Dixieland Jam Session, organized in collaboration with Bar Restaurante La Guineu
  • 19: 30h. Mass in honor of the deceased San Bartolome Parish Sitges and Santa Tecla
  • 22: 00h. Organ Concert at Parish of St. Bartholomew, by Marcel Martinez organized by the Catalan Association of Organ
  • 22: 30h. Concert-San Lino Dancing with the orchestra Saturn Paseo de la Ribera


  • 18: 30h. Dancing for older Hort Can Falç with José Delgado.
  • 22: 00h Dinner Dance of Married In the Retiro Gardens
  • 22: 15h. Sardana Traditional Dancing at Verbena Beach on San Sebastián bay, closes events, with cobla Maricel and colorful game with pyrotechnics

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