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Fiesta Mayor – Festa Major

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Start Date: August 22, 2011
End Date: August 25, 2011
Time: 2:00 pm to 2:00 am


Location: Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

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Past/Future Festa Major
(fiesta major,festa mayor)

Fiesta Mayor – Festa Major – Fiesta Major 2015

August 21st – 27th. “Festa Major de Sitges”. Sitges’ main Annual Fiesta in Honour of “Sant Bartomeu”, The Town’s Patron Saint. There is an amazing fireworks display on the 23rd, centered around Sitges Church. Watched by many along the beach and also on the water, via a troupe of boats.

A wide range of events and festivals celebrating the Catalan Culture. With:
– Impressive human castles/pyramids (castellers ) Often 6 people high wit a small child at the top
– Giants, capgrossos (carnival figures with big papier-mâché heads)

in the center and all over Sitges town (shopping area/square).

Along with fire-breathing beasts and ancient dances like the diables (devils), bastons (stick dance), gitanes (gypsies), cercolets or moixiganga, among others.

With numerous processions around the town’s streets, a spectacular fireworks display from the Baluard (Bastion), the 6 o’clock matinal (early morning performance) the next day, solemn mass, processions, open-air dancing and sardanes (traditional Catalan dance).

Itinerary as seen on the Council Website
(For Guidance only as information limited)

Festivitat de la patrona de la vila, Santa Tecla
Festival of the patron saint of the village Santa Tecla 

22nd: Santa Tecla Opening Event

  • Afternoon : Processó Cívica, tindrà lloc l’ofrena floral a la Patrona / Civic Procession will take place the wreath at the Patron Saint. Procession starts at the casa de la pendonista
  • Night: Ringing of bells and the lighting of the 21 morterets. Fireworks display and then walk to the music festivals and dance Gralles
  • 11.30pm: St. Bartholomew Church (a l’esglèsia de Sanb Bartomeu i Santa Tecla) poems and songs

23rd: Feast of Easter

  • 11am: Kids dances, fire starters and the streets of Sitges. Held at Carrers de Sitges with Human Towers and an exhibition
  • 12am: 21 morterets and ringing of bells : Carrer Sant Francesc, Cap de la Vila i fins la pl. de l’Ajuntament : Giants, Big Heads, Dragons, Devils, Shepherds, ribbons, tambourines
  • San Sebastian beach : Dance of the Sardana
  • Afternoon: Procession, dances, giants and beasts of fire
  • 6pm: Human Towers at Cap de la Vila
  • 6.45pm: Civic procession Carrer del president de la Comissió
  • 11pm: Major Fireworks Display, along the sea front, with the Church as the backdrop to it all.


  • 6am: dances and musicians will again parade through the streets of the town accompanied by musicians
  • 11am: At the Parish Church (l’Esglèsia Parroquial) Mass sung by the people and the heart of Friends of the Organ
  • 12 noon: Dances, music and towers. pl. de l’Ajuntament
  • 8.30pm procession in honor of St. Bartholomew in the streets and squares of the town. Ending later at the entrance to St. Bartholomew’s Parish Church. Fireworks (lond rather than pretty) bells, dances, fire beasts and giants.


  • 11.30pm: Town Hall Square (Plaça de l’Ajuntament). Music and San Lino Dances, with the Selva Orchestra



Typical Yearly Itinerary

– Evening before week of activities, around 22.30 –
Official Opening – Parc de Can Bota (normally 21st August)

– First Day – 18.30 –
The Dressing of the Moorish Giants (normally 22nd August)

– Second Day – All Day
(normally 23rd August)

Sardane TraditionalDancers – Cap de la Vila
Parade of the Dragons- Begins at Plaça de l’Ajuntament
(Noisy and Fun to watch or even get involved amongst the firework sparks, as long as you have a hat and shoulder covering. Right up to the collar, to keep out the pesky embers!)
Human Pyramids – Cap de la Vila
Procession through the town- Starts at Cap de la Vila
Sardane Traditional Dancers – Cap de la Vila
Massive Fireworks Display – Main Seafront with the Church as the epicenter
(arrive early for a good close spot near the oceanside, to see the fireworks on the water, however a place further down the beach gives a view of the high fireworks

– Third Day – 19.30 – (normally 24th August)
Procession to honor of Saint Bartholomew
Dance of the Beasts of fire and the Giants

– Seventh, Last Day – 22.30 – (normally 27th August)
Closing Ceremony – Sant Sebastian Beach


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