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Castle : Castillo Castell De Les Sitges

Castle : Castillo Castell De Les Sitges

11th Century Castle from the Middle Ages in ‘day trip’ reach of Sitges and Barcelona

From Sitges , Barcelona
135 km, 1 hour 42 mins Approx (Directions HERE)

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  • Mainly 15th century features : Gothic castle-palace
  • On the strategical dominant position beside Llobreg’os river valley
  • Castle for christian soldiers during conquests
  • Great for day visits, as a base for tours, social, business and cultural events
  • Tower, battlements, sentry box above the main gate
  • Stately rooms
  • Central courtyard (8 metres from the ground)
  • Romanesque gate  to access the tower
  • Celler, dungeons and some rooms for the kitchen, oven and stables
  • Big renaissance windows with carved stone seats (first floor)
  • Ancient walk ways,  terrace facing south, battlements and sentry box (second floor)
  • Magnificent view of the Lleida’s Plain

(41.816237,1.22798 :  L-313 25212 Torrefeta, Spain 619 m NE)
Descriptive directions below

Castle Visits

See different rooms in a tour that will transport the visitor to the Middle Ages,

  • the hall where the lord would exercise his power, celebrated banquets and judge
    (The count of Urgell Ermengol II.)
  • the courtyard it was developed the life of the castle,
  • the tower represented the supremacy of the feudal government,
  • dungeons where rebels and enemies were confined,
  • the cellar where the precious wine was stored, stables, the oven,
  • the rooms of the lords…

Whilst pointing out the residential areas and defensives elements of this gothic castle and discuss the life in the castle along the centuries.
The tour is for the public on mornings of first Sunday of the month and for organized groups previous reservation.

  • Without reservation: the castle opens to the public
    First Sunday of the month at 11, 12 and 13 hours
  • With reservation: any day previous reservation for groups.

Castle Admission Charges

  • Individual ticket: 5 euros (includes assitance nad guide explanation):
    Reduced Entrance:
    Children under 6 (accompany one adult every two at least): free charge
    Youngs over 6 under 12: 3€
    Retired: 4 euros
    Teachers: 4 euros
    Groups over 20 people: 4 euros
  • Minimum group (until 8 people): 40 euros

Ask for our special conditions for groups with lunch or breakfast in the area.

Renting Rooms (celebrations, filming, coferences, meetings…):
– Until  2 hours: 650€
– From 2 to 4 hours: 800€
– From 5 to 12 hours: 1000€
– From 13 to 24 hours: 1300

For additional services (catering, sound and lightning equipment, flowering, tents, cleaning service, music in live, helpful facilities and so on) consult our special conditions.

Guided Tours

Use the Catle as a base for guided routes of the area (La Segarra, Lleidas plain Florejacs, Les Pallargues, La Morana or Vilamajor) by foot or bicycle. See interestings examples of Romanesque art, popular architecture and a landscape plenty of nature hardly transformed by humans.

Spanish Castle for Corporate Events

The castle of Les Sitges is a availioable for all kinds of celebrations with rooms for companies meetings, to banquets and events. Both cultural and entertainment.
Contact SitgesEvents here


Weddings, other social and family events are possible: with catering service, tents, flowering, illumination, music in live, shows and others.

Les Sitges castle is also a non-comparable frame fro developing conferences, courses, concerts, demonstration shows, and public events. Its interior rooms and exterior spaces are easily adaptable to any kind of event.

The magnificent conservation of original elements of the castle are made of it an ideal frame for photography report or all kind of filming. The good illumination of the most representative rooms (noble hall, courtyard, terrace, the walled courtyard) is combined with other corners more reserved (dungeons, cellar, stables) for creating an ideal environment for filming and scenography.


  • From Barcelona: A-2 Highway, exit Guissona-Ponts (before Cervera), by road L-311 and L-313 to Florejacs deviation (LV-3133) and few meters before arrive Florejacs, deviation to the right by the road of Les Sitges (at the point of cemetery).
  • From Lleida: Highway A-2, exit Agramunt –Artesa de Segre – Guissona (at the arrival to Tàrrega), by the road L-310 until Guissona, where it must follow to Ponts direction by the L-313 road until the deviation to Florejacs, a few meters before arrive Florejacs, deviation to the right by the road of Les Sitges (at the cemetery).
  • From Girona: Road C-25, Calaf exit, by  C-1412 until Biosca, from there by the LV-3113 until Guissona and there by the L-313 until the deviation to Florejacs and, few meters before arrive to Florejacs, turn right to the road of Les Sitges (at the point of the cemetery).
  • From Tarragona: by road C-14 until Tàrrega, there by road L-310 until Guissona, it must follow Ponts direction by road L-313 until the deviation to Florejacs (LV-3133) and, few meters before arriving at Florejacs turn right to the road of Les Sitges (at the cemetery).

Held by different families:
– Alemany de Cervelló
– Josa, Ribera
– Agulló de Pinós
More recently:
– Sentmenat
– Calvo de Encalada
– Febrer
– Canals (20th century)

Documented as “castrum des Ciges” / “ Castrum Floriaci” (Florejacs) year 1100.

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