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Sitges Gin Cocktails Festival – Ginfestival 2013

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Start Date: May 31, 2013
End Date: June 3, 2013


Location: Centre de Disseny, Avinguda de les Cases del Sord, 3, 08870 Sitges, Spain

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<h3>The second edition of Ginfestival Sitges, May 31 to June 3</h3>
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<li>World’s best bartender (aerobatic shaker)</li>
<li>International bartender aerobatic/trick competition &amp; exhibitions</li>
<li>Chance to taste 25 different gins</li>
<li>7 tonics</li>
The Ginfestival itself will take place on Friday June 1 Centre de Disseny (Design Center) in Sitges from 7pm (19.00 h) to 21.30 h (9.30pm) for the public

The Ginfestival be complemented with a gintour Saturday

Then a tribute to Dry Martini on Sunday 3 June at Hotel
Hotel Medium Sitges Park.
Jesús,16, 08870 Sitges (<a title=”Hotel Medium Sitges Park Jesús,16, 08870 Sitges” href=”,16,+08870+Sitges&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;ll=41.237046,1.810258&amp;spn=0.001144,0.001725&amp;sll=53.800651,-4.064941&amp;sspn=14.745606,28.256836&amp;t=h&amp;hq=Hotel+Medium+Sitges+Park++++Jes%C3%BAs,16,+08870+Sitges&amp;radius=15000&amp;z=19″ target=”_blank”>map</a>)

According to festival organizer, Ruben Ubric, “the call is arousing more and more international interest and several requests have brands that next year they want to be present. We must grow slowly and encourage everyone to get closer to Friday afternoon Sitges Design Center to discover the world of Gin Tonic Menu “.

The festival has the backing of the city of Sitges and Sitges Tourism Promotion Agency.

Professional Presentation of the best “Gin” in the world.
<li>Master Class, etc..</li>
Presentation to the event by invitation.
Learn more about this wonderful creations distillate and gin-based cocktails

Also we will write information to different bars around the world, notes bartenders, and also modern &amp; classics gin-based cocktails. and end of the month of June will write notes, photos
<li>Annual Gin Festival in the city of Sitges. Spain.</li>
<li>Second edition of the Sitges Festival Gin</li>
<li>International Flair Bartending professionals (acrobatic mixology)</li>
<li>Gin Tour, with special cocktails Gin, events, celebrations, parties …</li>
<li>Sitges pubs and cocktail bars will have a specific gin at a special price</li>
<h3><strong>Thursday May 31 – Exhibition / International Flair Bartending Championship (RBS)</strong></h3>
Location: Passeig de la Ribera – 08870 Sitges, Spain (<a title=”Passeig de la Ribera 08870 Sitges, Spain” href=”;hl=en&amp;sll=41.237189,1.791716&amp;sspn=0.018298,0.027595&amp;t=h&amp;hnear=Passeig+de+la+Ribera,+08870+Sitges,+Barcelona,+Catalunya,+Spain&amp;z=16″ target=”_blank”>map</a>)
Time: 11am to 10:30 p.m.
Open to the public
<h3><strong></strong><strong>Friday June 1</strong> – <strong>Ginfestival : Centre de Disseny</strong></h3>
II Gin Festival Sitges (ACTH)
– 4.30pm (16.30 h) to 7.00pm (19.00) INVITED PROFESSIONALS ONLY
– 7.30pm (19.30) to 9.30pm (21.30) Open to the public
30 brands of Gin
Demonstrate products and give master classes on how to prepare the Gin Tonic
Location: Sitges Centre de Disseny (Sitges Design Center) <a title=”Sitges Centre de Disseny (Sitges Design Center) website” href=”” target=”_blank”>website
</a> Cases del Sord 3 08870 Sitges (<a title=”Sitges Centre de Disseny” href=”;hl=en&amp;ll=41.237189,1.791716&amp;spn=0.018298,0.027595&amp;sll=41.310983,1.993772&amp;sspn=0.584874,0.883026&amp;t=h&amp;hq=Sitges+Centre+de+Disseny&amp;hnear=Sitges,+Province+of+Barcelona,+Catalonia,+Spain&amp;fll=41.233478,1.786308&amp;fspn=0.018299,0.027595&amp;z=15&amp;iwloc=B” target=”_blank”>map</a>)
Price: 12 € (ticket sales at partner establishments)
<h3><strong>Saturday June 2 – Gin Tour</strong></h3>
<h3>(Local participants)|
All around sitges bars and pubs
<strong>Sunday June 3 – Dry Time “Vila de Sitges”</strong>

Tribute to the Dry Martini (Cock tails)
Hotel Medium Sitges Park
Jesús,16, 08870 Sitges (<a title=”Hotel Medium Sitges Park Jesús,16, 08870 Sitges” href=”,16,+08870+Sitges&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;ll=41.237046,1.810258&amp;spn=0.001144,0.001725&amp;sll=53.800651,-4.064941&amp;sspn=14.745606,28.256836&amp;t=h&amp;hq=Hotel+Medium+Sitges+Park++++Jes%C3%BAs,16,+08870+Sitges&amp;radius=15000&amp;z=19″ target=”_blank”>map</a>)

Segunda edición del Gin Festival de Sitges

Internacional de profesionales del Flair Bartending (coctelería acrobática)

Viernes 7.30pm
30 marcas de Gin : Demuestran Productos y dan master classes sobre cómo preparar el Gin Tonic

Gin Tour, con cócteles especiales de Gin, eventos, celebraciones, fiestas…

Jueves 31 de Mayo
Exhibición /Campeonato Internacional de Flair bartending (RBS)
Lugar: Pg de la Ribera (delante 2 de Mayo).
Hora: de 11h a 22.30h

Viernes 1 de Junio
II Gin festival de Sitges (ACTH)
16.30h Apertura Profesionales
19.30 Abierto a todo el público
21.30 Cierre
Lugar: Sitges Centre de Disseny
Precio: 12€ (venta de tickets en establecimientos colaboradores)

Sábado 2 de Junio
Gin Tour
(Locales participantes)

Domingo 3 de Junio
Dry Time “Vila de Sitges”
Homenaje al Dry Martini

Mr. Ruben Ubric. Regional President of ACTH Agrupació Treballadors d’Hospitality)
Phone +34 93.811.0944 Spain.

Christian Perez / Spirits Consultant / Sweden
Welcome to my life, my passion, welcome to my world!
Cheers, Good Cocktail’s, Excellent Wines &amp; Food.
Christian Perez / Spirits Consultant
Restaurant Development.
Mobile: +46 (0) 739-816747 Sweden

II GIN FESTIVAL de SITGES 1 de Junio 2012 Presentación Profesional de las mejores “Ginebras” del mundo. Catas, presentaciones, novedades, Master Class, etc. Presentación al evento mediante INVITACIÓN.
<h1> 2011 EVENT INFO</h1>
“In Sitges, with reference to the landmark Church of the landscape, the other end of the promenade, the Hotel Terramar Yuca Club the other day I was made Gin Festival of Sitges, and so is known, the first in Spain. ” (Thus begins his chronicle Yulino Davila’s friend, sometime collaborator on this blog, which now give the floor to tell us your experience there, having been privileged spectator, and surely coprotagonisa of this event. Let us hear him:

“Escorted by very good gin tasters, Lupe Guerrero and Martin M. Guerra attended the call of the pleasures that the president of the ACTH (Agrupació Treballadorsd’Hosteleria District of Garraf), and one of the organizers of the festival, Ruben Ubric, was kind enough to invite us to participate. The terrace of the Hotel Terramar Yuca Club was the setting for this event unique and first of its way to present the promotional products. You could not wish for more, good weather, beaches and fantastic music by the lapping waves against a bare terrace with a lounge with a generous bar and enough space to move between the exhibitors and the excellence of the best gins.

The I Gin Festival, was right to split into two parts. The first part of 6 to 8 pm, was directed to the professional world, and as usual in this kind of event was attended by leading industry professionals, teachers distillers, distillery owners and prestigious bartenders who did their role of providing the most varied of information about their products. Each wore palm with its own flagship, and of course, complicated by the choice of such a variety and different forms of development, different botanical components, different preparations and techniques.

The second part of 8 to 10 pm, would be devoted, as a great innovation, the sector of the consuming public, the people who make the product flow in the market. Good hook and blow, as it is they who assume, with their preferences, which are imposed on products that range is now becoming known, and this, it was time to be given the importance deserves (and they should read this brief review). This high accuracy is necessary to emphasize, since it is not for use in this type of event. It was not what people commonly expected, such as a “tasting” and their respective comments. This time, the products were available in the respective open bar that exhibitors had set for the public.

Apart from the excellent service, the consumer was active with direct questioning the bartender on duty. So this way, the non-professional, learned of small but important secrets hidden gin and some of the details that the bartender becomes effective, in the order and presentation of the various combined gin which has accessible. This second part, had its hoot added, and was happy that all staff who moved naturally and even familiarity. A party whose protagonist, gin, served in style. [Ciktadelle Reserva 2008]

At the entrance of I Gin Festival of Sitges, a stylish hostess enforced the protocol governing on these occasions. But I was fortunate to be guided by a host of luxury, Laura Molina P, which was part of the event, and its beauty and charm his way among us people who crowded the room, that on the one hand, and the other was finding with my friend Albert Montserrat, whose know-how, knowledge and professionalism as an expert barman advised us it is, and introduced us to their colleagues who couldnt do enough to make things right.

Gins were 22 brands of those taking part in this Festival, accompanied by 6 brands of tonic water. There were many proposals for the organization, but ultimately, due to time and the overflow of the event, only 5 bartenders of the many who were eligible participated in the demonstration, Francesc Breteau (Slow Bar), Alberto Pizarro, Javier Caballero Javier Reynoso (Diageo) and Mike (nineteenth Bar).

The professional public, restaurant, bars and other hospitality-related businesses, all with prevailing present desire to enter into this event, and the general public was fairly presented to the explanations and tips from the pros.

Among the many brands and varieties of gin, I will begin by highlighting the increase in the supply of high quality gin, called ‘Premium’, made with more ingredients and distillation methods (typically using copper stills). Within this range ‘high’ must point to the French Citadelle Gin Reserve, one of the best for taste “pure”, ie without tonic, its quality is outstanding and superb in taste. Citadelle Reserve drag the name from 1775, the distillery Citadel of Dunkirk, and is the first to hold the title of Royal Distillery and the oldest in France. For now, Citadelle Reserve is only available in Spain, USA and Japan.

Today, since 1989 the Pierre Ferrand Cognac Distillery is responsible for methods to get a couple of centuries, a purely artisanal gin, where they exist. It is a distilled gin stills Charantais with direct fire (the same ones used for prestigious cognac) and aged for 6 months or so barrels of cognac in the house. Its careful balance that is structured with citrus notes, floral and exotic, will round out the coolness of juniper. A goldsmith work to harmonize flavors and tastes perfectly. Product is a limited edition, numbered and certified. Getting older vintage gin cask of brandy, makes a difference as new and unique project. All this is endorsed by the terms received:
Double gold medal WorldSpiritsAwards (Autriche 2010), “Highly Recommended” Rating SpiritJournal (USA, 2008), 90-95 points, WineEnthusiast (USA, 2009), 94 points, ThePatterson’sTasting Panel (USA, 2008), 92 points Sibaritas Penin Guide (Spain, 2009), etc.. ”

To not get tired with so much data, tomorrow at the same time, we continued the chronicle of our friend Yulino. Meanwhile, how about a glass of gin, right? Although today is July 4th .


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