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Santa Tecla Kids – Sitges 2015

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Start Date: September 20, 2015
End Date: September 22, 2015

Location: Plaza Cap de la Vila, Sitges, Barcelona

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Sitges Santa Tecla – Past : Future

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The Little Town Festival

Festa Major petita de Santa Tecla (Sunday – Monday)

Santa Tecla

Just a month after the festival, representatives of local folklore will be back on the streets to celebrate the feast of the patron saint of the village Santa Tecla.

The feast of Santa Tecla officially begins on September 22 with the ringing of bells and the lighting of the 21 morterets. In the afternoon, just before the Civic Procession will take place the wreath to the Employer.

In the afternoon, the Civic Procession starts from the house pendonista, which will be accompanied by his cordonistes. At night, there’s Fireworks and then walk to the music festivals and dance on the head of the village Gralles.

On September 23, the day of the feast of Easter, the day begins with Morning where the kids represent the different dances, fire starters and the streets of Sitges. At 11 am, is held up in the office and is out of office and exhibition castellera.

Sitges is the same young man that afternoon procession before and after the concerts vermouth companies, down the pillar of four scales of the tip. The festive procession ends with the arrival of Santa and dancing late giants and beasts of fire.



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