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Santa Tecla Kids – Sitges 2014

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Start Date: September 20, 2014
End Date: September 22, 2014

Location: Plaza Cap de la Vila, Sitges, Barcelona

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The Little Town Festival

Festa Major petita de Santa Tecla (Sunday – Monday)

Santa Tecla

Just a month after the festival, representatives of local folklore will be back on the streets to celebrate the feast of the patron saint of the village Santa Tecla.

The feast of Santa Tecla officially begins on September 22 with the ringing of bells and the lighting of the 21 morterets. In the afternoon, just before the Civic Procession will take place the wreath to the Employer.

In the afternoon, the Civic Procession starts from the house pendonista, which will be accompanied by his cordonistes. At night, there’s Fireworks and then walk to the music festivals and dance on the head of the village Gralles.

On September 23, the day of the feast of Easter, the day begins with Morning where the kids represent the different dances, fire starters and the streets of Sitges. At 11 am, is held up in the office and is out of office and exhibition castellera.

Sitges is the same young man that afternoon procession before and after the concerts vermouth companies, down the pillar of four scales of the tip. The festive procession ends with the arrival of Santa and dancing late giants and beasts of fire.

Santa Tecla

Music, Fire beasts, processions, Human Towers and Fireworks.
In and around Sitges side streets, Promenade and Church(listen for the bangs or music)
All one could want for a traditional Sitges Festival!
(remember to wear a hat and covering for the shoulders, as many choose to run through the sparks, once the adrenalin kicks in!)



17:30 : Concentration of children and Dragons Parade

Concentration of dragons and children in the street parade will begin and end Espalter Park Can Barrel event where the dance will be performed followed by Devils Child, as part of the Feast of Santa Tecla.Espalter

21:00 Night of Fire

Firework display on the streets of the old by the Group under the Espetegafoc acetate Festival of Santa Tecla.

After the show, the town hall square, there will be a demonstration and then lit a firework on Paseo de la Ribera. Then offer a concert groups Soma Club, The bogies and DJ Selecta Eluaka organized by Xató Active in the place of the Frigate.The town hall square: Des de la plaça de l’Ajuntament


10:00 : Gathering of the Giants and children Heads

Concentration and Giant Heads children under the acts of the festival of Santa Tecla.

The imagination will be Christ the street from the junction with Calle Rusiñol and then will parade to the park Can Barrel. On reaching the Giants and a Heads will dance together and also perform dances by children.


18:00 : Exposure of the image of Santa Tecla

Inauguration of the image of Santa Tecla by Father Joseph Pauses, rector of the parish as part of the events of the Festival of Santa Tecla.

The image can be seen until the beginning of the Civic Procession to the house pendonista Elena Ferré Rafols.Carrer de l’Onze de Setembre


20:30 : Human castles (towers)

Open trial of the League of Young Castellers Sitges in the framework of actions of the Feast of Santa Tecla.Palau del Rei Moro


17:00 : Dress Giants Moors

The Moors wearing the Giants in an event organized by the Association of Dances Popular in Sitges with the help of Recreation for Recreation in the context of the events of the Feast of Santa Tecla. Palau del Rei Moro

22:30 : Concert Retrio

Concert of the band with tunes that accompany Retrio St. Bartholomew but with a style and unusual instruments in the parade as the piano, bass and drums.Societat Recreativa El Retiro


TBA: Dance Gralles

Dance with Gralles School Grallers Sitges and Barcelona Laietana Grallers under the acts of the festival of Santa Tecla.

At half time, the Association represents the Dance Gypsy, at an event organized by the Association of Popular Dances of Sitges.Plaça del Cap de la Vila

14:00 : Ringing of bells and lighting of the 21 morterets

Ringing of bells and lighting of the 21 morterets by Girls Garraf (càrrec de les Noies del Garraf)
La Fragata

18:00 : Floral in Santa Tecla

Floral in Santa Tecla by the gang of devils children of Santa Tecla and San Bartolome (Sant Bartomeu).Carrer de l’Onze de Setembre

19:00 : Civic procession

Civic procession from the street Eleventh of September to church, where the image is placed in the presbytery to preside over liturgical acts of the day.Carrer de l’Onze de Setembre

23:00 : Fireworks

Fireworks by Fireworks SA (Pirotècnia Igual SA). Panels and fireworks designed by Philip Virelles under the acts of the festival (Festa de Sanyta Tecla).

At the end in Passeig de la Ribera, Sardana dance of the seven runs with the City Band and Cornella St. Eve Owl Key with the orchestra and local DJs.Passeig de la Ribera

23:30: Concert -Vermut

Concert – Vermouth in the Recreational Society The Retreat, the Musical Association Suburband and Casino Prado Suburense the Band’s Principal Llobregat. Concert – Vermut a la Societat Recreativa El Retiro, amb l’Associació Musical Suburband i al Casino Prado Suburense amb la Cobla La Principal de Llobregat.TBA

Sortida d’Ofici

With all the interludes and dances, traditional musicians, the couplet and the band as part of the events of the Festival of Santa Tecla.

Then, display of towers by the League of Young Castellers Sitges.Town Hall Square(Plaça de l’Ajuntament)


07:00 : Morning Child

Parade will feature two parallel paths that end at the Plaza of the frigate where breakfast will be served to all children who participated in the Morning Child.

  • Bastion Square Place (Plaça del Baluard)

10:15 : Musical accompaniment by the authorities at the office

Musical accompaniment by the authorities in the office with the Association of Musical Suburband Retirement.Town Hall Square (Plaça de l’Ajuntament)

10:30 : Solemn Office (Mass)

Mass sung by the people and the heart of Friends of the Organ in the context of acts of Santa Tecla.

This year, the offertory & the ball will involve the offering, on behalf of all the people.
Place Parish of St. Bartholomew, and Santa Tecla (Parròquia de Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla)

17:30 : Café – Concert

Cafe – Concert at the Casino Prado Suburense Suburband Musical Association and the Recreational Society Retiro El Retiro with a performance by the Band Maricel.

18:30 : Four-pillar Towers (Baixada del pilar de quatre)

Four pillars towers of the stairs of the Point by the League of Young Castellers Sitges (càrrec de la Colla Jove de Castellers de Sitges).Plaça del Baluard

19:00 : Procession of Santa Tecla

Procession in honor of Santa Tecla. Upon arrival at the bastion of the tabernacle, entry of Santa Tecla in the parish church, where I have tried to read the prayer Santa Tecla.Plaça del Baluard


18:30h : Action Tower

Action Tower with the League of Young Children Valls, Castellers Sant Cugat and the League of Young Castellers Sitges, as part of the Feast of Santa Tecla.Plaça del Cap de la Vila

Santa Tecla (in isolation)

Santa Tecla officially starts often on the 22nd of September with the pealing of the church bells and the fusillade of twenty-one morterets.
: here is a Civic Procession, with a floral offering to the patroness takes place. It starts at the house of the pendonista (flagholder).
Night :
Fireworks followed by musical performances at the seafront and the Grallers dances at the town centre.
23rd September
Early Morning:
Day of the Patroness, starts with the Matinal (early morning procession) where the youngest performs traditional dances, of fire and different characters and beasts, through the streets of Sitges.
11am : the official mass is held, followed by the exit of the mass and the exhibition of the Castellers (human towers).
Afternoon : The festivities conclude with a Procession, at the entrance of the Saint and the closing dances of the Giants and the fire beasts.


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