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Live Music Sitgestiu Summer Sitges

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Start Date: July 1, 2015
End Date: September 5, 2015


Location: Sitges,08870

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TUESDAY : Jazz/WEDNESDAY : Castanyoles/THURSDAY: Concerts/FRIDAY : Opera/SATURDAY : Lirica/SUNDAY : Opera (Cabaret) (images below open bigger when clicked)


WEDNESDAY : Castanyoles

THURSDAY: Concerts

FRIDAY : Opera


SUNDAY : Opera (Cabaret)


BOOKINGS: 93 894 03 64 (ext 1)


(some names may have been translated original CAT/ES)


Sitgestiu Cultural Museums reaches adulthood! To celebrate, we have prepared an attractive program, as a new feature this year, adds to the opportunity to see the museum Cau Ferrat and Maricel Museum reopened last winter and completely renovated.

The beautiful spaces of museums and art collections of excellence in addition to cultural and musical activities. We offer, therefore, a real treat for the senses, “aesthetic eye and poetry for life” which, since the years of Modernism, is the main objective summers Museums of Sitges.

See you there!

Panyella vineyard,

Managing Director of the Sitges Heritage Consortium

Event: Jazz with a glass of champagne


  • Oscar Ferret, piano; 
  • John Pine, bass, and
  • Joseph Martin, drums

Date:  7, 14, 21 and 28 July; 4, 11, 18, ​​25 August and 1 September

Time:  19pm

Place:  Museu Maricel (Fonollar, s / n)

Price:  12 euros

Description:  Tuesdays summer we enjoyed a very particular musical compositions that are part of the popular culture of Sitges, such as dance festival and the works of composers such as Enric Morera, straw or Manel Gabriel Torrens … all with different rhythms ranging from swing to jazz and traditional music.

Event:  Visit the Palau Maricel concert with castanets and cava

  • Silvia Baqués and
  • Vanessa Tello (castanets)

Date:  1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 July; 5, 12, 19 and 26 August and 2 September

Time:  19pm

Location:  Palau Maricel (Fonollar, s / n)

Price:  12 euros

Description:  Wednesdays summer living experience to admire the beauty of Palau Maricel. The visit culminates with music by Georges Bizet and Albéniz, among others, to the accompaniment of castanets and a glass of champagne.

Event:  Guitar Concert

  • Juan Mario Cuellar (guitarist)

Date:  2 and 23 July and 13 August

Time:  19pm

Place:  Museu Maricel (Fonollar, s / n)

Price:  12 euros

Description:  Under the title caña Sugar & Rosemary, Juan Mario Cuéllar has a concert guitar through a repertoire of music of the Mediterranean and Latin America allow us to give us directions with the extensive record sounds, rhythms and shades that allows this instrument.

Event:  Concert harp

  • Caterina del Cerro (harpist)

Date:  July 9 and August 6

Time:  19pm

Place:  Museu Maricel (Fonollar, s / n)

Price:  12 euros

Description:  A musical journey from Baroque to the music of the nineteenth century through the melodies evoked by the harp. A program of works by Handel, Debussy, Couperin or Hasselmans. A glass of champagne, the flow of the waves and art collections, will make this concert a unique experience.

Event:  Piano concert

  • Anna Olivan (pianist)

Date:  16 July and 27 August

Time:  19pm

Place:  Museu Maricel (Fonollar, s / n)

Price:  12 euros

Description:  Anna Olivan, winner of several piano competitions and chamber music from the state, combines his dedication as a pianist with teaching through the concert will get all kinds of public knowledge of musical fun, interesting creating a magical atmosphere friendly and forthcoming. The concert waltzes contains pieces of F. Chopin. J. Strauss, E. Granados and E. Morera. Concert home offers a repertoire of works by Soler, Albéniz, Granados, Ginastera and Gerswhin.

Event:  Concert of harp and piano

  • Caterina del Cerro (harpist) and
  • Anna Olivan (pianist)

Date:  September 3

Time:  19pm

Place:  Museu Maricel (Fonollar, s / n)

Price:  12 euros

Description:  The last concert of string Sitgestiu combines the sound of the harp Caterina del Cerro and the sound of the piano in the hands of Anna Olivan. Harp and piano, difficult to find together in a concert with a repertoire of works by Claude Debussy, one of the initiators of Modern Art in the musical field.

Event:  Chamber concert

  • Antoni Guinjoan (violin),
  • Maria Rosa Llorens (pianist) and
  • Montserrat Sitjà (cellist)

Date:  11 July 30

Time:  19pm

Place:  Museu Maricel (Fonollar, s / n)

Price:  12 euros

Description:  No other name could better define this ensemble of musicians: Trio Gaudeamus. A group of musicians who have performed at prestigious orchestras that have come together to enjoy and make us enjoy -through piano, cello and violí- a repertoire that includes classical compositions of old and now .

Event:  opera recital on the balcony with a glass of champagne Maricel

  • Soledad Cardoso,
  • Charo Picazo,
  • Ximena Agurto and
  • Griselda Ramon (sopranos); 
  • Amalia Medina (soprano); 
  • Facundo Muñoz and
  • Jorge Jasso (tenors); 
  • Groppo Lucas,
  • John Sebastian Tello Jorge Colomer (baritones) and
  • Elke Sanjosé (piano)

Date:  10, 17, 24 and 31 July; 7, 14 and 28 August and 4 September

Time:  19pm

Place: Museu Maricel (Fonollar, s / n)

Price:  12 euros

Description:  Carmen, La Traviata, Il barbiere di Siviglia … An evening of opera at the Mirador Museum Maricel. The Mediterranean as a backdrop, art collections and the pleasant taste of a fresh and bubbly glass of champagne sensory experience is ideal to let yourself be carried away by the music, the sunset and enjoy one of the best experiences of the summer.

Event:  Rusiñol and Modernimse

  • Griselda Ramon (soprano) and
  • Alex George (pianist)

Date:  July 25, 4 and 8 and 29 August

Time:  19pm

Place:  Museu Cau Ferrat (s / n)

Price:  12 euros

Description:  Modernism in Catalonia and Europe, was a new artistic movement that trumpeted the renewal of the arts and looking for a new and modern art. But in addition, it was also a way of living and feeling. -See Modernist musical roots even more popular giving it deep edges and touches of modernity is a live show. Hence we find it close to the same time innovative. The performance for voice and piano, dedicated to the Catalan modernism, combining words Rusiñol, accompanied by musical pieces of the time, some of them almost unknown. Be served a glass of champagne.

Event:  From Montmartre

  • Griselda Ramon (soprano) and
  • Alex George (pianist)

Date:  July 18; 1 and 15 August and 5 September

Time:  19pm

Place:  Museu Cau Ferrat (s / n)

Price:  12 euros

Description:  From Montmartre is the musical based on the texts Rusiñol wrote from Paris to La Vanguardia newspaper between 1890 and 1891. They address topics today still rigorous currently not cease to surprise for its fresh and ironic vision. The staging of this show Cau Rusiñol -even savoring a glass of Cava- is accompanied by French music of all time, which allows us to relive the atmosphere and spirit of an era.

Event:  L’Elisir d’amore of Gaetano Donizetti

  • Soledad Cardoso (Adina),
  • Facundo Muñoz (Nemorino),
  • Joan Sebastian Tello
  • Jorge Colomer (Belcore),
  • Lucas Groppo (Dulcamara), Charo Picazo (Gianetti) and
  • Elke Sanjosé (pianist)

Date:  July 19 and August 9 and 16

Time:  20h

Price:  20 euros

Description:  Adina all love: beautiful and rich, read, study and learn.There is nothing I do not know. Or so believes the poor Nemorino, unable to compete with the overwhelming virility of the soldier Belcore. Until the village Dulcamara appears with its elixir of love: a simple Bordeaux wine.But not until his uncle dies and leaves him a fortune that Nemorino can savor the delights of the only proven elixir of love.

Event:  La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi

  • Ximena Agurto (Violetta Valery),
  • Facundo Muñoz (Alfredo Germont),
  • Joan Sebastian Tello
  • Jorge Colomer (Giorgio Germont),
  • Amalia Medina (Flora Bervoix)
  • Lucas Groppo (Douphol Barone –
  • Dottor Grenvil), Ezequiel Casamada (Gastone) and
  • Elke Sanjosé (pianist)

Date:  26 July and 30 August

Time:  20h

Location:  Palau Maricel (Fonollar, s / n)

Price : 20 euros

Description:  La Traviata suffered rejection and ridicule of the public in Venice on March 6, 1853 when he was released. Among other reasons, the baked escabrositat the issue, the requirement for complicity Violetta Valéry, a prostitute, and discomfort for many illustrious spectators could watch generate their own faces in La traviata mirror. Today it represents over. Also here in Sitges. Years have passed, many years. I must fogged mirror.

Event:  La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini

  • Charo Picazo (Mimi),
  • Soledad Cardoso (Musetta),
  • Facundo Muñoz (Rodolfo),
  • Jorge Tello (Marcello),
  • Joan Sebastian Colomer (Schaunard),
  • Ulises Ordúñez (Colline),
  • Bartolomé Fernández (Alcindoro) and
  • Elke Sanjosé (pianist)

Date:  July 12

Time:  20h

Location:  Palau Maricel (Fonollar, s / n)

Price:  20 euros

Description:  Poverty and the cold does not prevent the bohemians Rodolfo (poet), Marcello (artist), Colline (philosopher) and Schaunard (musical) and enjoying life in Paris. The love affair with Marcello and Musetta, especially Rodolfo with his neighbor Mimi will make the harsh reality breaking into their lives and clogui youth no longer be able to return again. It was the favorite opera Rusiñol (1861-1931), who, Ramon Casas and Miquel Utrillo, lived the bohemian Montmartre between 1889 and 1893.

Event:  Oh, how I like  

  • Marta Fiol (soprano)
  • Efren Garcia (pianist) and
  • Gemma Reguant (direction)

Date:  July 5, August 2 and September 13

Time:  20h

Location:  Palau Maricel (Fonollar, s / n)

Price:  20 euros

Description:  Oh … Oh love, desire … Let us kissing ear different languages: cabaret Britten, coffee concert Satie provocation Boris Vian, passion Weill song seafood of Comellas and even the couplet Parallel.Mmmmm … what a pleasure!

Events:  Guided tours of the Palau Maricel

Date:  2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 16, 17, 21, 23, 24, 28, 30 and 31 July; 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, 18, ​​25, 27 and 28 August and 1, 3 and 4 September

Time:  11 am (English), 12 pm (Catalan) and 13h (Spanish)

Location:  Palau Maricel (s / n) 

Price:  5

Description:   A journey through the different areas of the Palau Maricel, noucentista jewel built between 1910 and 1918 by the American magnate and collector Charles Deering (1857-1927) and engineer and art critic Miquel Utrillo (1861- 1934).

Event:  Jacques Monory, mon cinéma

Date:  July 10

Price:  Free

Description:  Guided tour of the exhibition led by its coordinator, Fernando Martínez Sancho.

Event:  Workshop for children and Tomeu Tecletes

Date:  July 25, August 22 and September 19

Time:  11am

Place:  Museu Maricel (Fonollar, s / n)

Price:  6 euros

Event:  Children’s workshop Jacques Monory, mon cinéma

Date:  July 18 and August 1

Time:  11am

Price:  6 euros

Event:  Children’s workshop on September 11: illustrated history

Date:  5 September 12

Time:  11am

Price:  6 euros

Event:  Enric Morera and his time

Date:  From July 13 to October 31

Place:  Can Rocamora (Fonollar, s / n)

Description:  The exhibition pays tribute to the great composer Enric Morera (Barcelona, ​​1865-1942), to mark the 150th anniversary of his birth.Morera there was intense mind linked Sitges, where there lived a stage of his life. Author of the iconic La Sardana Festival and the Santa Espina. The exhibition includes works of the artist or recitals in which he participated (like the Modernist Festivals Sitges), original scores and printed and personal items.

Event:  Jacques Monory, mon cinéma

Date:  Until October 18

Location:  Stämpfli Foundation – Contemporary Art (Town Hall Square, 13)

Description:  The exhibition Jacques Monory, mon cinéma presents 30 works of cinematic universe Monory, one of the most representative artists of Figuration Narrative and one of the leading figures of French art from the second half of the twentieth century. Monory works are characterized by blue, an atmosphere that permeates Night, enigmatic, combining coldness and distance from a technical standpoint with involvement vital and existential themes.



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Sitgestiu Cultural Sitges 2014 with Opera, jazz, guitar, harp, organ, new Route Malvasia, workshops and full moon dinners

BOOKINGS: 93 894 03 64 (ext 1)

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